Data at Research Infrastructures - Related to Large Scale Facilities

Due to the involvement of the committee "Forschung mit Neutronen" (KFN) and the committe "Forschung mit Synchrotonstrahlung" (KFS) all neutron and synchrotron users in Germany are linked to DAPHNE.

This includes the following facilities:

Synchrotron radiation community Neutron community
PETRA III at DESY, Hamburg MLZ, Garching
FLASH at DESY, Hamburg ILL, Grenoble, France
The European XFEL, Hamburg/Schenefeld ESS, Lund, Sweden
BESSY II at HZB, Berlin  
ELBE at HZDR, Dresden  
DELTA, TU Dortmund  
KIT Light Source, Karlsruhe  
ESRF, Grenoble, France  


If there is any instrumentation missing that contributes or that will contribute in future, please contact us.